Paula Mahoney

I got myself into some trouble, 2023

80 x 120cm 

Burn for you, 2023

67 x 100cm 

80 x 120cm

I ain't got time for that now , 2023

80 x 120cm

This ain't no disco No.1, 2023

This ain't no disco No.2, 2023

90 x 60cm each 

This ain't no fooling around, 2023

70 x 140cm

This ain't no party No.1, 2023

This ain't no party No.2, 2023

90 x 60cm each 

Burning family heirlooms acknowledges that connection to each other and all living things that live and die is necessary to solidify a future for the land we live on and all the people we share it with. In this series, furniture that has been passed down in my family after loved ones have died is lit on fire in rural Australian landscapes as an act of lamentation.

As a species, our future depends on collectively finding new solutions to the pressing concerns of climate change. The environmental future requires us to lament and collectively mourn what we have lost or mismanaged historically and allow for new models that address these pressing concerns.